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Custom Cookie Pricing

All cookie orders are custom and made to order - because of this we ask for at least four weeks notice, and sometimes even then (especially around the holidays and peak wedding season) we may be booked. We recommend booking as far in advance as you can to ensure Ryan is able to create your little pieces of art.


These prices are of course an average - if you would like a cookie order and have a certain budget, please don't hesitate to reach out and we will try to accommodate - everyone deserves a special cookie :)

All cookie orders require a 50% deposit and designs are finalized two weeks before. The final payment is required by pick up. We do offer individual packing in heat sealed bags for $6 a dozen, or heat sealed with a custom sticker for $10. 


$0.50 a cookie - this adds a nice dimension to cookies. This is a Tier two cookie with luster dust, script and stenciling and would cost around $6.50 a cookie

Tier One $55/doz

Tier One is most commonly known and consists of a more simple and traditional design with 1-3 colors , basic piping. This can include designs like the cloud, leaf and balloons to the right.

Tier Two $60/doz

Tier Two are more detailed cookies with up to 6 colors. These designs can be like the FoxBearUp Up and Away, or Floral Pumpkin cookies to the left.

Tier Three $65/doz

Tier Three are highly detailed cookies with more intricate decorations. This includes cookies like the Berry Basket, Dog Tags, '1' Cookies, 'Nash Bash' Cookies, and others pictured to the right.

Top Tier

This is our most involved tier of cookies. They are beautiful works of art, and can average in price from $7.00 to $10.00. Cookies of this tier require additional lead time. Warning: you might not want to eat these because they are so fancy.

Add on & Extras

Luster Dust/Edible Metallics

$0.80 per cookie - the cookie below also has raised floral , is extra large (6"-7"), multiple colors and script writing. This cookie is considered Top tier, meaning it requires much more time, and is priced accordingly. You can expect to pay $10 for a cookie of this caliber, but you can add metallic to any Tier design for just .80 per cookie.




$0.75 per cookie - the cookie below also has raised floral which is $1 extra per cookie. This cookie would be considered Tier Two, with an additional charge of .75 per cookie that has air brushing.


3D Floral

Screenshot 2022-12-07 1.45.00 PM.png

$1.50 per cookie - these floral touches make cookies pop, each petal piped individually for a cookie like no other.



These cookies are unique and hand painted, varying from a simple flag design, pets, maps, or a custom design just for you!

Water Color