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Are you open yet?  -- Yes! We are currently open Tuesday - Friday 7 am- 4 pm, Saturdays 8 am -1 pm, and closed Mondays - Sundays. We will announce any changes or updates via our instagram and Facebook :)

Are you currently hiring? We are currently looking for prep members, bakers, cake decorators and and three other positions come April 2022. No experience required, only a serving heart and positive spirit!

Where do you get your baked goods? Almost everything is made from scratch in house, including our caramel and chocolate syrup! The only exclusions are the coffee flavoring we use and our coffee beans. 

Do you have espressos/lattes/cold coffee, etc? -- Yes we do! Freshly made to order as well.

Do you offer sandwiches or salads?  -- Not at this time, but are hoping to have some good news soon! We are working towards breakfast items and fresh baked breads!

Do you have gluten free options? -- Yes! We have family and friends with gluten issues, and will offer at                                                  least two things every day that are gluten free, and the last Saturday of EVERY month (unless otherwise posted on instagram/facebook) EVERYTHING is gluten free!!

Contact Us

For inquiries or availability, please fill out the form below.

August or Elisabeth will respond within 48 hours - if you don't hear from us feel free to text us at (678) 749-2158.

Please note; our calendar fills quickly and we may not be able to accommodate any special orders due within a weeks time frame. We hope to be able to accept more orders as our crew grows, but always want to do our absolute best with every order.

Thanks! We will get back to you within 24 hours :)

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